My family and I live in the coastal mountains of California, known as the Santa Cruz Mountains, just off Skyline Boulevard near Alice's Restaurant (no, the song was written about an old church in Stockbridge, Massachusetts). Skyline Boulevard is a beautiful part of the world, although somewhat foggy and cold on occasion. Our house is an old hunting cabin, built in 1929 by someone in San Francisco for occasional use. Our community is called Skylonda.

Antique Vehicles

This is my 1962 Dodge Power Wagon, an awesome vehicle.

Here are some pictures of the 1964 Land Cruiser FJ45 "Wagon" that I used to own; a very rare early Land Cruiser

This is my 1945 Farmall A Tractor, acquired 3/2003. Here are Wyoming Trip Pictures from the journey to pick up the tractor, and here are a bunch of pictures of old rusty tractors along the side of the road in Wyoming somewhere.


I've rekindled one of my lifelong dreams, to have a working wood shop and actually make some furniture out of real hardwoods, with real joinery. I've gotten into it and I'm getting better at it and having a great time. Here are some pictures of my shop and some of my furniture and work in progress.


Took down all the familiy pictures, because of a growing sense that the internet is getting more dangerous.


I am the founder and ex-CEO of Five Across, Inc., a startup company in silicon valley.

My ongoing concern is called Inventor Labs and I've recently created a second company, Mechanical Electric, Inc..

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