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Elizabeth Reid Steere

I now live in Los Angeles, but I was born in Australia. An uncle who is interested in genealogy traced back our family to Peter Reid, who was born in Rosscommon, Ireland in 1794. He later moved to Sheffield, England where he met and married Anne Crook. They emigrated to Australia in 1842 and went on to found what is now an extensive branch of the family. I'm a sixth generation Australian Reid, being the first daughter of the fifth son of the third son of the second son of the seventh son of Peter and Anne Reid.

See also the whimsical page of Elizabeth Reids. (This link is in Australia)

Reid Ellis Reid Ellis

Reid Ellis has such an interesting bookmarks page that even though his first name is Reid, not his last name, he deserves a link. Besides, he has links to Brian's page and this page in his links page :-)

Stan Reid, Texas Association of Counties. (512) 478-8753   |

I am currently trying to construct a picture of my family tree. I have made it back as far as a William Reid born in North or South Carolina in around 1770 (don't know much more about him). The family migrated to Texas through Alabama arriving in Texas around the time of the American Civil War. As far as I can tell, we've been in this state for about four generations (maybe 5).

Steven Reid

I am Steven Reid from Atlanta, Georgia. Please forward any researchers of same to me; email

Bob Reid

I'm a not-very-successful Reid researcher. My great-great-grandfather Andrew Reid was born 20 September 1791 in Iredell County, NC. As a boy, his father, John, moved the family to what is now Anderson County, SC. John;s father said to have been named Hugh. I have found a Hugh Reid on the Rowan County, NC taxrolls from 1762 but no link has been established. Nor do I know the names of any of Andrew's siblings. Andrew married Mary Hamilton...named his sons John, James and Robert.

David S. Reid

My name is David S. Reid, of South Yarmouth, MA. I am searching for information on my Reid Ancestors. We know little about them, because my grandfather was orphaned shortly after birth. He was William Reid (28 April 1903 - April 1975), born in Patterson, New Jersey to John Reid and Jane (Richardson) Reid. Both Jane and John are believed to have immigrated to the US around the late 1890's. William had siblings: James, Sarah and Hannah. He married Ada Florence Baker (1907 - 1968) of Lebenon, NY . If you are able to post this information, I would like to hear from anyone who may have any connection.

Brian Reid     Home page: [not the Brian Reid listed elsewhere on these pages]

Born and living in Oxford, United Kingdom. I am in my late twenties and I work as an Internet consultant and lecturer for Aris corporation ( specialising in Microsoft technologies

Glenn Reid [not the Glenn Reid listed elsewhere on these pages]

My name is Glenn Reid, and I am told that I descend from the Scottish Reids. My line goes back through LeRoy to Bruce to William to Phillip. I am originally from the eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and am stuck in my line in Washington County Maryland in the late 1800s. In researching Scottish names I was told that LeRoy means the king or leader and that Glenn means son of the leader. Some of our family names are Russle, Earl, Melvin, Gladis, Dorethy, Louise, and Thelma. Drop me a note.

Marc Reid 

I'm looking for connections to Reid's of African or European ancestry, originally from the Lexington, VA area. Children of former master and some former slaves moved to Carter County, Kentucky after Civil War. Thanks

Elaine Reid 

I am a reid clanner - out of North Carolina - Noah Reid - my name is Elaine Reid - George Reid - Levi Reid - Landis North Carolina

Monique Jacques 

Hello, my name is Monique Jacques. i am interested in getting some information on my family history. My mother's name is Eileen Reid, she was born in Sunnyside, Newfoundland, Canada. Her father was Douglas Reid Sr. There are quite a few Reids in Newfoundland. I was told that our clan could be under either Robertson or Murray from Scotland. i did try some field-work at the Newfoundland Archives, but unfortunately the names are simply listed according to birth in the United & Anglican church lists, i could not find referrences to parents & their date of births. I am a History major and therefore quite familiar with hours in research. But in this instance i just don't know where would be a good place to begin. If you could give me some advice on this i would be grateful. thank you.

Keeley Roberts 

I am related to the Reids of Prestwick and Campbelton Scotland. My great-great grandfather Allan came to the States and married Marion Hamilton Dickson. I can trace my Reid ancestry back to the marriage of Robert Reid to Lady Margaret Boyd in 1650.


I have discovered that the David Reid for whom I was seeking information was a Major General in the War of 1812. There was a Thomas Reid who came from Ireland to North Carolina. He is the one I am searching for information on. There is a great deal of confusion in this line apparently. I am beginning to believe that it is because there is a Thomas David Reid who is the oldest link that I can find among my Reid ancestors. He was born in 1767 and married Mary Ramsey, the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie) Birdsong and Col. John Ramsey. I have among the papers of my ancestors a letter from William Hume Reid to my great grandmother, Mary Greer Reid Ward. He was her brother. He writes: "You remember old Captain Fuller, who lived in Belton, don't you? Well, he often talked with me about Father's family and admired them very much. He originally told me the story of how General Davis Reid and Thomas Reid, his son, financed Sam Houston and his soldiers from the various states who came to Texas for the Revolution. . . One of those two men said Houston and his friends afterwards repaid Grandfather, Thomas Reid, and his father, David Reid, by giving them a number of leagues of land in Texas . . ."


GG Grandfather was Henry Levi O'Reid came to Galveston Texas met and married Nanch Katherine Miley of LA. had 2 daughters who died whose names I don't know and 7 sons, Lamen, Lee, Laurence, Lyle, Levi Andrew ( my great grandfather), Louis, and Licket.

My great grandfather married had 6 children with first wife whose name i don't know they were Jim, Ruthie, Preston, Levi "Grady" (my grandfather ) Dudely, and Douglas then 13 children with 2nd wife Garland, Shirley, Geri, Mildred, Mary Kate, Laverne, Wayne, Nancy and thats all the names I have. My Grandfather Grady had 3 children Billy Don (my dad) Lousie, and Noble. They were all in various places in Texas, New Mexico and Finally Oregon. If anyone can be of help here i would appreciate it.

Leandro Reid de Azeredo 

I am from the Reid family in brazil. I live in Rio de Janeiro and the first Reid in Brazil was a doctor named George Reid who left Scotland at the half of the 19th century. I'd like to meet other Reids around the world. So if anybody would like to meet a brazilian Reid, e-mail me!

David Reid 

I am in the United States, although my roots are in Scotland. Have history dating back to the early 1800's. I will include in a future E-mail information that I do have to see if there might be a connection. Please keep me informed on any new Reid information. Thank you.

Michael Lawler 

My name is Michael Lawler. My birth father was named James Bud Reid from Virginia. I would like more info about the family lineage.

Brian Reid 

I am Brian Reid of Sudbury Ont. Canada; my father's name is Alban Thomas Reid, born in Charlottetown PEI Canada. My email address is

Mary Reid

My name is Mary Reid from Huntsville,Alabama. My father's family is from Anniston Alabama. Before that I think they lived in South Carolina. There has not been much research done on our family tree. His father was Edward Reid. His uncles owned Reid's Saloon in downtown Anniston about 100 years ago. My father work for the Government/NASA for almost 40 years before his death 3 years ago. I would love to be in contact with other Reids.

George W. Lee

george w. lee
p.o. box 1938
chicago, il-60690

Samuel Reid of south carolina was my great grandfather. he died about 1890 in blackstock, sc, which is in both fairfield and chester counties of sc.

Les Reid 

Hi my name is Les Reid.I live in chicago u.s. My father Angus Reid emigrated here from Glasgow 75 years ago. Anybody know anything about Reids from that part of the world?

Richard D. Culbertson

I am descended from the Hubert Reid family of Northern Ireland that settled in Boone County, Nebraska. My great-great-grandmother was Margaret Reid who married William Primrose and their sons, John Primrose and David Primrose, settled first in Allegheny (now Pittsburg), Pennsylvania and later in Primrose, Nebraska. There they were joined by several Reids. I have a little history of the Reids in the USA and a report of the Reids in Northern Ireland. Richard D. Culbertson, Attorney e-mail: 6428 Arthur Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 7613

Cheryl Reid

My name is Cheryl Reid. My father, Eddie Reid, was the son of William and Missouri Lee Reid, who settled in Roswell, New Mexico in the 1920s. I would love to hear from any other Reids with possible Southwest connections!

Robert Dean Reid

My name is Robert Dean Reid, son of Alfred John Portwood Reid who was born in Alpena, Michigan in 1903. I have been trying to locate my father's brother, Rex Reid who was a Methodist minister in Flint, Michigan around 1946. My father also had a sister Lucille in Detroit about the same time. My fathers father, also Robert Reid was born in Canada while my fathers mother, Annie Portwood came from England. Any information would be appreciated.

Wendy Ganly

I'd like to be included in the Reid Clan.

My Reid's are from Dundee, Scot. My line of Thomas Bathie and Catherine (Low) Reid arrived in SA, Aus in c1855. They moved through the Gold Fields in Bendigo, Vic Aus and finally settled in North Melbourne, Vic Aus. Thomas's parents were Thomas Reid and Charlotte Bathie. Catherine's parents were Robert Low and Elizabeth Millar. Surnames connected with the Reid and Low Surnames are: Bathie, Gall, Grewer Laird, Salmond, Smith and Watt.

My home page is at

Thomas Reid Everling

I am Thomas Reid Everling. My Grand father's name was William Edward Reid Born about 1899. My Great Grandfather's name was William F. Reid Born probably about 1865.

Lancea Reid

My uncle does our family history, however we have over 100 Reids across Canada. We are from the William (John) Reid Family who settled in Meskanaw Saskatchewan, and include: Robert, Joyce, Emily, LIly,Jim,Keith and John Irving, Don, Bill, Bob, Dave, and many more I can not think of. We've been dated back to the 1700's and are from scottish royal ancestery. Lancea Reid Multimedia Designer Lethbridge [3/1999]

Swayne Reid & Co. - Liverpool 1824

Looking for descendents of a Mr. Reid (probably Scot) who was partner with brothers Robert and Henry Swayne establishing the trading firm Swayne Reid & Co. in the 1820's in Liverpool. Best Wishes, Tony Hammond [4/1999]

Looking for: Harold Reid

I am trying to locate HAROLD REID, formerly of EL MONTE, Calif. & possibly now residing in the DAVIS - ELK GROVE area of Calif. Mr. Reid is apprx 64 yrs old & was married in LA County around June 1960. I served in the ARMY W/Mr. Reid from 1958 - 1960 in FRANCE. Any help you may offer is appreciated. My E-Mail address is: Thanking you in advance. Best Regards, Howard Mack New Jersey [3/1999]

Hugh Peter Reid

My name is Hugh Peter Reid. I was born in Scotland in 1954 first child to Hugh and Josephine Reid. I am a lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bell College of Technology, Hamilton, Scotland, where i specialise in Fibre Optics and in Optoelectronics. I am mainly interested in languages. I am an Esperantist, and a learner of British Sign Language. I also have a loose interest in alternative therapies such as Psychotherapy, Massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, and Crystal Therapy. My web page is and my e-mail is [6/1999]

Reids in South Africa

I'm searching for descendants of the sibilings and cousins of my grandfather, Jan Hendrik Daniel Reid, born in Swartland, South Africa in 1902. He left South Africa and arrived in Canada in 1929; shortly thereafter he lost contact with his family. I would love to re-establish communications with this family. Any info on South African Reids would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Naida Geisler Edmonton, Alberta [6/1999]

Donald Melville Reid

I'm interested in tracing my REID ancestry.

My gfather, John Alexander Reid, was born somewhere in Ontario, c. 1870-1880. He had, I believe, 2 or 3 brothers. Have yet to learn their names, altho I understand at least one of them, in addition to my gfather, moved to southern Alberta. My gfather, was in the RNWMP at Ft. Macleod, until about 1903. He then worked for the Federal Land Titles office in Lethbridge, before eventually moving to Regina, SK, where he died.

He had 3 sons, Robert John REID (lived and died in Regina), Harold REID (have to look up his middle name) (lived in Broadview, SK, most of his life), had 3 children, Dorothy, Robert & Joyce; and my father, Alexander Melville Reid (lived in Moose Jaw, SK, Yorkton, SK, and Calgary, AB, where he died), had one child.

If you think we may be connected, somehow, would like to hear from you. I moved from Calgary to California in 1954. Donald Melville REID, Walnut Creek, CA. [6/1999]

Daniel Glenn Reid

Hi! I was hoping to be added to your list. I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama and have started doing a little family research. My cousin has traced our lineage back to one John Reid, Sr. of County Downs, Ireland (b. 1652). We are unable to find the ship that brought him to Virginia though. Anyway, I hope someone visiting your web site can help out. Thanks! Daniel Glenn Reid [6/1999]

Gabriel Reid

Please include me in your list. I am Gabriel Reid And I was born in Belfast N. Ireland in 1951. I now live in Swindon England. I have 3 brothers 1 who still lives in Belfast and 2 who now live in Manchester England. My father was Robert James Reid and my mother was Eileen Murray. [6/1999]

Looking for: Fayelle Reid

Hi my name is Fayelle Ward and I'm looking for someone, her name is Fayelle Reid and she was born in 1850 and died in 1925. If you have any information, please let me know! Thanks! [6/1999]

Janice Reid

I am seeking help with my Reid family who are believed to have migrated from SC to AL by 1828. My grandfather was Amos Reid, b. 1828 AL. His siblings were Elly, Susan, and Abraham. Amos was in Jasper Co., MS in 1850 living with his mother named Louisa, b. 1800 SC, and siblings. I am seeking the name of his father. There is a chance that his father was named William, but I can not prove this. Amos married Parthenia Elkins, b. 1836 GA, and they migrated to Leon Co., TX by 1860 and then went back to MS by 1861. Amos and Parthenia's children were: William Andrew, Elizabeth L., Susan A., Benjamin F. and John W. [6/1999]

John Douglas Reid

John Douglas b. 11/16/1821 in Wishaw, Scotland m. Jeanette Gourlie b. 8/6/1822. In 1848 they emigrated to New York, moved around the States, and eventually settled in Ashippun, WI. They had 10 children: William, Mary, Walter, John, James, Ellen, Robert, Jessie, George and Alexander.

Alexander became a noted judge in Wisconsin and his daughter, Janet Kellogg, became an award winning painter. William's son, Albert Turner Reid, was a cartoonist for the New Yorker and a newspaper publisher in Kansas.

I am researching this family for my brother-in-law who lives in England and is a distant relative of John and Jeanette. If you have any information on the descendents of this family please contact me. [6/1999]

Robert Reid

Could you add a link to my home page on yours? It is

I believe the Reids from my father came from Germany in the mid 1800's. I have seen discharge papers from the union army for my great-great-grandfather, Stephen Reid. Thanks, Robert E. Reid Austin, TX. [7/1999]

Robyn Head

Would you please add a link from your page to my family tree page. The address is:

My great grandfather was Robert Reid born in 1869 in Carnock, Fife Scotland. His father was James Reid Reid and mother Agnes Muir Dickie. Robert had 4 brothers and sisters, Jessie Hepburn, John, William and Ann. At some stage (after about 1881 and before 1896) they travelled to Sydney Australia and settled there. Robert married Mary Taylor Law in 1896 in Melbourne Victoria, they then lived in Sydney. [7/1999]

Robert I. Reid

My grandfather was Robert I. Reid. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He would be approximately 98 years old if he were still alive. We have reason to believe he may have had a son with the same name. He would be around 70 years of age. We have no other information. [8/1999]

Reid Aarskog

It`s very interesting for me to see that there are so many people that have my first name as their family name. Here in Norway it`s very few people with Reid as their first or last name, so i kind of hoped that if some one else with Reid as first name read this, they could send me a mail . It would also be fun, if someone else with this fantastic name sent me a mail. According to the latest updates from The Norwegian Bureau of Statistics there are 31 people with Reid as their family name. There are also 63 with Reid as their first name, and 23 of them has it as their only first name. And since I'm one of the 23 in a country with 4.500.000 citizens, i feel a little special. That's all for now. [9/1999]

Daniel J. Reid

Please include me on your distribution list for Reid lineage: Daniel J. Reid. [9/1999]

Cheryl Reid Callahan

Cheryl Reid Callahan Born in Logansport, Indiana on 8/19/45 to Harold Reid & Patty Hammontree. [10/1999]

Melissa Roxanne Reid

Melissa Roxanne Reid - my Grandfather was Alfred William George Reid, Originally from the Snowy Mtns (NSW) Settled in Sydney. His family imigrated from Scotland to Australia in 1865. Any other Aussie Reids wishing to get in contact, please let me know. Melissa Baker (Reid) [10/1999]

Richard Reid

My name is Richard Reid. My family descends from the Barons Reid-Robertsons of Straloch, Scotland. I would like to hear from anyone who is familiar with this line. I also have a web site that Reids might be interested in. [10/1999]

Bruce Reid

My name is Bruce Reid. I live in Northern Michigan. I am told my Reids came from Scotland and settled near Columbus, Ohio in the late 1800's. I know very little about my ancestry. My Grandfather and Grandmother lived in Petoskey, Michigan for several years. Both were school teachers and farmers. My Grandparents names were Guy Crockette Reid and Lenore Irene Reid. Who knows? I might get lucky and find someone that may recognize their names. [10/1999]

Looking for: Bruce Reid

Looking for a Bruce Reid that lived in Goffstown N.H. in the 60's & 70"s is he a part of your group?? David Wallace [11/1999]

Scot Reid

Very Cool, yes, I want to be added to the Reid page. My great-grandfather, a soccer player from Scotland, came to the US in 1911. Settled in Illinois. I have the family line traced for several generations. About ten years ago, 32 of my relatives, including myself, had a family reunion in Scotland. My family now owns a spice manufacturing company in Indiana, currently celebrating 78 successful years. Please e-mail me on how I can be listed on you page. Thanks. Scot Reid, Brownstown, Indiana [11/1999]

REID/Lanarkshire-to-REED/MD, NS, IL, KS

Wm. Duncan REID b. Holytown, LKS, SCT. 1835. d. IL. 1915
Matthew Gilmore REID b.Tollcross, OR Wales.1842. d. KS 1932
Margaret, Elizabeth, and Mary b. LKS. area. b. 1824-1832. d.KS, IL and KS.
The women married men of surnames, GRAHAM, MITCHELL, and BLACK.
The men became REED's after the Civil War. Anyone hunting these forks with me? Ginny [11/1999]

Jason Reid

My Name is Jason Reid. I live in Montreal, Canada. My Father was born and rasied in Hearts Delight Newfoundland, Canada. His fathers name was Stanley Reid and his grandfathers name was Solomon Reid was well. [11/1999]

Brian Reid

What interesting reading. Well here is another Reid to add to your list.

I was born in South Africa in 1946, son of Michael James Reid, also born in South Africa. He had two brothers, Robert and John and two sisters, Barbara and Wendy.

Their grand father was Robert John Reid who was married to a Julia Beevor. He had one sister Anna Wilhelmina and two brothers William and Norman. Their father was the Rev. William Reid, married to Anna Tomlinson.

My family tree dates back to 1183, although not all Reids, but starts with William Malet a Baron of Greyville.

You may add me to you list as this could be helpful with other searches. [12/1999]

Scott Reid

I'm Scott Reid and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm interested in finding information on Reids of Scottish descent, especially one Scopy (or perhaps Scopey???) Reid who emigrated from Scotland to Barbados. I don't know the time period in which he emigrated. He had a brother who emigrated with him named Robert. I would greatly appreciate any information possible pertaining to Scopey or any other Reid family member from Scotland.  [12/1999].

Ian Reid

Hello my name is Ian Reid. We where just wondering if anyone had any realitives or ancestors from Ireland. We would be greatfull if you would e-mail us back soon. Thank you.  [12/1999]

Darlyn Reid

I am also a Reid, & am interested in tracing back to Scotland. My great grand father's first name was Alexander, & was a resident of Pittsburgh,Pa. There is a story that his father came to Pittsburgh to meet up with his brother, whom he never found. If this sounds familiar, please contact me. Thanks, D. Reid [12/1999].

Bruce William Reid

I am Bruce William Reid of Lenox, MA (b Pittsfield, MA 1954)... My father William Bertram Reid hailed from the Pawlet, VT (b 1928 , d Pittsfield, MA 1983) and was son of Lester(?). I don't know very much about the Reid lineage due to early divorce and subsequent estrangement from my father's family. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might provide a few branches for my family tree. [12/1999].

Charles Daniel Reid

My name is Charles Daniel Reid. I live in Prattville, Alabama.I am trying to find any information I can on my family.My father's name was William Charles Reid. He was born in the early thirties in east central Michigan and had 4 brothers; Alfred, Melvin, David (or Daniel), and Gerald.Their Father's name (my grandfather) was James A. Reid. James A. Reid's father's name was Hugh Reid (my great-grandfather). Hugh Reid's father's name was James Reid (my great-great grandfather). James Reid's father's name was also named Hugh (my great-great-great grandfather). I was told he came from Scotland. The only info I have on the last Hugh name which might be a possibility is a copy of the 1870 census showing a Hugh Reid living in Almont, which is in Lapeer county, Michigan.He was 58 at the time and the census showed his birthplace as Scotland. Mary Reid lived with him (possibly his wife). She was 62. Two John Reids lived with him; one was 24 (possibly a son), one was 63 (possibly a brother). There is no mention of a James, but he may have already moved out. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. [5/2005]

Cristina Martinez

I am not a Reid but I am doing research on the Reid family, particularly in Fairfax, VA, where a small private cemetery is located at the Turner Fairbanks Highway Research Center. Reids that are buried there are Richard S.(1801-1871), Elizabeth (1819-1903), Martha R. (1842-1902), James (1847-1921), Mary Alice (1851-1938), Lawrence M. (1887-1953) and Ethel (1889-1964). I think the are also connected to the Reids of Bellvue Forest (George who was married to Mary Ellen Simmons and their son Horatio) which isn't too far south of the cemetery. I am doing this research in order to try to apply to make the cemetery an official historical site. Any information would be appreciated. [6/2005]

Elizabeth Reid

I'd like to be added to the list of Reids, here are my details:

My family came from Forfar, Scotland in the early 1900's and settled in New South Wales, Australia. My father was Alfred Reid, his father was James Reid whole father was Alfred Reid. I have traced my Reid family back to the late 1700's. Elizabeth Reid, Brisbane, Australia. [6/2005]

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